Perdigon Nymph

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Slim and fast sinking these nymphs where designed to get down into the feeding zone faster and provide a longer drift. Tied on a 60 degree bend jig hook to ride hook point up. CDL tails for the stiff fibers and great natural mottling. Varying body martials for the desired color. Tungsten beads for a small but heavy fly. And lastly coated with UV resin to protect everything and make it a long lasting durable fly. Great point flies for y'all that like to Euro or tight line nymph, or hang it under a Hopper or your choice of dry fly for a killer dry/dropper set up. With many colors to chose from we are bound to have something that will work in your local streams. Don't see a color, hook size or bead size you like? Reach out to us to see about having a custom order made.