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Perdigons were first developed by the Spanish competition team but have become incredibly popular since and are now integral to fly boxes of tyers and anglers worldwide. A Perdigon fly typically is easy to tie and is designed to sink quickly. But you need a good selection of colors that have the right effect for the perfect Perdigon which is why Perdigon Body was developed.

The difference that Perdigon Body offers and makes it different to other tinsels is the translucence. In the Perdigon Body range there are an array of translucent, iridescent and luminous colors to make your Perdigon fly a winner.

Equally as the ideal Perdigon fly is tied on a 16, 18 or 20 hook then this fine material from Semperfli is ideal as it was designed to go on smaller hooks. Of course for larger flies simply add more wraps. You can even use Perdigon Body over a base color to enhance your fly be that for complete bodies or as a highlight/rib to act as an additional trigger.

Technically speaking Perdigon Body is a 1/69”/0.37mm body material and decided on a range of deadly colors and triggers for this stunning material.